Types of candle making machines

The oldest to most modern candle making machines

Hamed Candle Making Machinery Industry as the first and only manufacturer of candle making machines in Iran has started its activity since 1364.

Today, with a separate factory, the company produces the newest candle making machines. Hamed Machinery and Candle Making Industry has fully met the need of artisans in the field of candle manufacturing and eliminated any need for importing foreign machines.
These machines include various machines with different products such as rod candle, twisted candle, taper candle, tea light, many kinds of molds, machine for coloring products and so on.
These machines can produce 250 to 600 candles within 5 to 7 minutes and also equipped with a circulating water system.
According to long history of company in producing paraffin and candle, variety of available equipment in Laleh Hamed Wax and Candle Company includes the most elementary and the most modern candle making machines.

Due to Continuous quantitative and qualitative products preferment, Laleh Hamed Wax and Candle Company always took great strides in order to manufacture required equipments.
Therefore, candle making machines of Hamed Candle Company are offered for sale to dear colleagues.

Some kind of candle making machines:

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