Types of candle making molds

Production of Candle Making Molds from Hamed Candle Making Industry

Hamed Candle Making Machinery Industries is proud to offer a variety of products in the mold making industry in the Iranian market.
These molds are capable of producing different types of candles in the lower circles.
The molds are in two types which one of them equipped with circulating water system and the other one is typical kind.
These molds are made of aluminum and the other feature of these molds is their portability and light weight.
These molds are capable of producing as many as 2 candles per 2 minutes.
For ease of use and transportation, these molds are mounted on foundation and wheels.
Their unique design is the gold feature that distinguishes these molds from other candle molds because the yarn is in the middle of the candle not like most of the patterns. This feature makes the fuel pile cleaner, more beautiful and more affordable.

Some types of Candle Making Molds;








Typical Candle Making Molds:








Circulating Water Candle Making Molds:

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