Cylindrical candle making machine

Cylindrical candle making machine

Cylindrical candle is one of the most popular candles on the markets.

Cylindrical candles can be made in different diameters, heights and colors.

This type of candle is mostly decorative.

When we heard cylindrical candle we remember thick candle. These candles are often produced at a height of 3cm or more.

It is interesting to know that some of them are tall enough to be used upright and they have long burning time so it seems they are endless candles.










General specification
Dimensions: Length 220 cm – Width 140 cm – Height 160 cm
Weight: 750 kg
Structural material: ST37 and AL7000
– Candle diameter: 40 mm to 70 mm
– Candle height: 3 mm to 25 mm
– Production capacity: 84 pcs/round
– Production time: 15 minute
– Cooling system: Circulating water
– Usability of colors: √All powder colors
– Adjustable height: √
– The purity of paraffin used: 1% to 12%
Other cases
Warranty: 10 month unconditional

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