Crayons making machine

Crayons making machine

Crayons making machine is the newest product of Hamed candle making machinery industries.

Painting tools each have their own fans.

Among the drawing tools, crayons is reminiscent of childhood paintings.

Hamed Candle Making Machinery Industries is proud to announce a new product as a crayons making machine.










General specification
Dimensions: Length 220 cm – Width 60 cm – Height 110 cm
Weight: 700 kg
Structural material: ST37 and AL7000
– Crayons diameter: As ordered
– Crayons height: As ordered
– Production capacity: 750 pcs/round
– Production time: 3 minute
– Cooling system: Circulating water
– Usability of colors: √
– Adjustable height: √
Other cases
Warranty: 12 month unconditional

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