Candle export

Lale Hamed Paraffin & Candle Company is proud to produce high quality Paraffin and Candles in addition to fully supplying the countries domestic needs and is also active in exporting candles.

The company has started its activity in the field of paraffin export since 1368 and candle export since 1374.

Armenia, Tajikistan and Baku are the first countries that Hamed candle had business interactions with.

Within a short period of time, as a prominent Iranian brand, Hamed Candle Company expanded its exports to various parts of the world such as Africa, Pakistan, Poland, China and so on.

Continuous quality upgrading of products and production of more than 70 different types of candles has led Hamed Candle Company to always have a strong presence in the field of candle export.

Now, after decades of candle exporting, Paraffin and Candle Lale Hamed, with a great reputation in the field and a valuable experience, Hamed Candle Company is ready to work with the right individuals, legal persons and companies who need advice Or bilateral cooperation.

Some example of export products :

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