Burning a Pillar candle

Don’t burn a Pillar Candle for a short period of time

Pillar candles are designed to burn for long periods of time: at least 3-4 hours each time you light it.

If the flame of a pillar candle is too large, it means the wick needs a trim.

Instead of blowing out the pillar candle, dunk the wick into the wax pool and straighten. This ensures an easier relight and prevents the wick from smoking.

When you light your candle, light the base of the wick not the tip. 

To Fold or Not to Fold a Pillar candle.

If you fold the wax into the wax pool the candle consumes more wax and keeps the flame brighter. Even if you decide to leave a mantle don’t let it get too deep as it will act as a chimney which means your candle may have to fight to breathe and it will smoke. Fold it a little so the wax melts some and only a short mantle is left. This is important to know. 

Don’t not burn your pillar candle in a hurricane lamp or similar enclosed candle holders. They may hold in the heat and the pillar could become soft or melt through the sides and spill wax. The ‘chimney’ of the hurricane lamp may also encourage your pillar candle to smoke.

How making a Pillar candle?

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